Ann Roseberry Lincoln is the owner of ARL Dog Sports and has been an NACSW™ Certified Nose Work Instructor since 2017. She has trained six of her own dogs in canine scent detection, using NACSW™ methods. She has also coached a number of competitive teams, and many others who just wanted to enjoy scent detection work with their dog. If she had a tail that she could wag, it would wag every time someone told her about a moment that brought them great joy when performing a search with their dog. You can read more about Ann here.


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“Ann is a great teacher...She has offered me many challenging situations and learning opportunities that have helped me to prepare  for the multiple titles I have achieved with my dogs.”

— Diane
“I've trained four different dogs in Ann's classes. She definitely knows her Nose Work stuff! And very importantly, she workswith great successwith each dog and his or her personalities and issues. No cookie-cutter work going on with Ann! ”

— Averill R.
“With Ann's patient, positive training methods, my handler led me to 'one and done' ORTs, an NW1 title with an overall pronounced, and an NW2 title with three elements pronounced and second place overall. Boo ya!”

— Ben


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